A Female Perspective

Being the first female photographer for a model is quite exciting and at the same time a little worrying, I have always thought as photography as a pretty equal industry in the likes of gender, but lately have been proven different. 

It may be harder as a female to make it in certain industries, but that just means working that little bit harder and longer for what you love and shouldn't we all strive to be out best no matter if the opposite gender, or someone else has an advantage?

I would love to see a change in the way that people view and perceive the ideals of nude photography and nudity as a whole. Most nude photographers happen to be males (as I said, male dominated industry as a whole, regardless of subject matter) but I really think having a different perspective on nude photography, that being a young female perspective could really change the way that some people think of nude portraits, in the best way possible.

Something to think about anyway...


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