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Fear, hope and magic | Halloween 2021

This Halloween has a surface level of fright accompanied by a deeper feeling of real fear. The past weekend has been the first time in a few months where I have felt a small dose of relief.      My final nursing placement finished the night before my weekend of Halloween fun began. A lot of my self-care was put on hold for the sake of my degree. I have made a lot of sacrifices for the sake of my degree. The aforementioned fear really sets in when I think about the week to come and the rejection it could bring with it. I have applied and interviewed for my dream graduate position, I find out the result this week and I am terrified. I am terrified, excited, full of self-doubt but also full of hope.    The reason I decided to go into nursing as a career is always clarified when I see someone who is in a similar position to what I was. Whenever a patient tells me they weren’t believed by a medical professional, whenever I overhear people saying a patient is “only here for the attention” …

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